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Bamboo Leaves

Submit Artwork to our Online Gallery

Are you a creative, just not the kind that writes? That's great! The Writers' Block is still a place for you to share your work and connect with fellow creatives.

Using the form below, Trine students are invited to submit their original artwork to be showcased on our Online Gallery AND/OR used as cover art for student-submitted writing pieces.


Artwork can include digital scans of physical artwork (such as paintings, drawings, etc.), digital artwork, photographs, etc. It can be of people (so long as you have obtained their consent to be both photographed and published on our site), objects, places, plants, landscapes, etc. etc. Whatever you'd like, really! 

Artwork must be free of excessive nudity and/or cover up the particularly explicit bits. 

To submit

  1. Fill out the form below by attaching a .JPEG or .PNG format of your artwork

  2. Be sure to use your Trine University student email!

  3. If you're unable to attach your piece(s) to the form due to size, feel free to submit a link through which we can download the piece. 

  4. A total of three pieces of artwork can be submitted at one type using the form below. If you wish to submit additional pieces, you must fill out the form additional times. 

  5. Artwork can be published anonymously. Be sure to check the box if you wish to do that. 

  6. Be sure to review each of the conditions boxes at the bottom of the form. You must give us permission to publish your work.

If there is a type of artwork you'd like to share, but you aren't sure if its what we're looking for, just ask! Contact us at with any questions! 

We can't wait to see and share your creativity!

Submit Artwork to the Writers' Block
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

Thank you for sharing your artwork with us! We’ll contact you regarding our decision shortly.

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