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Alphabet of America

A poem by Alexander Fosnaugh, sophomore English and Communications major


Abandon all abilities and aspirations

Behold babbling bolstered bugs

Crinkly cockroaches cutting

Dissatisfied dandelions

Eager evangelical eagles earnestly

Fabricate fictitious facts.

Grandiose gibberish,

Has helped hazardous hypotheticals.

Idolize infectious ink in

Jeopardized jargon.

Knowledgeable kooky kebabs,

Log long-lasting likable

Man-made monstrosities.

Narrow national narratives

Object oppressed observers,

Passive Peacemakers, perfectly poisoned.

Quickly question

Real reasonable requests. Ridiculously,

Saturate sabotaged structures.

Target the transgender teens.

Until unrequited unanimous

Vivid violence vehemently

Washes well-mannered wage workers.

Xenophobes X-ray

Younglings. Yak your yuppies,

Zap zestful zeal.

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