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a poem by Kendra Truesdale, Senior Math Education Major


Tomorrow’s your last day of high school

How does it feel?

And congratulations, you made it through

With no one knowing

Two years ago today, it was my last day of high school

A little bit different from yours

I couldn't wait to get out of there

To never see your face again

Never have to remember—

Though of course I couldn't forget

How are you?

I'll be there tomorrow

To watch you walk down the aisle

Watch you throw your cap up in the air

I'll be there in a crowd of five hundred

Your name to be called one of four hundred

Some will clap; others will cheer

I'll be there for the three seconds it'll take

To say the two syllables of your name

The one I always thought I'd hear

In a courtroom.

How do you feel?
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