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A poem by Jason Branch, junior Psychology major


A-dripping, a-dripping

On cobblestone stairs

A-tripping, a-tripping

O’er rolling death stares

A-singing, a-singing

Of murder in trees

A-ringing, a-ringing

Of bells from the seas

A dread man deading

A widow fretting

A crewmate letting

A rumor spreading

A noble losing

A captain choosing

A sword-arm bruising

A navy fusing

Beheading and treason

Forgetting all reason

The black beard’s a-seizing

Into hunting season

A-swaying, a-swaying

Of a mass of wood

A-praying, a-praying

Of men gone good

A-braying, a-braying

Of mules at port

A-laying, a-laying

Down shields and swords

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