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Here's Your Answer, Do You Hear It?

A poem by Alexander Fosnaugh, sophomore English and Communications major


There's time for One Last Prayer.

A final beg to be fixed of wear and tear.

Beggars can't be choosers, that’s your history.

You're meant to be fused here to your misery.

Stuck, a never ending cycle of torment.

So, get it over with, we know you're just dents.

Never handed the desires of your heart.

No purpose for your soul, so get a headstart,

Make the choice, meet Satan first.

He thirsts, He thirsts for blood from a sheep's wrists.

Deep down, a voice begins to call.

All that is heard, is the desperate bawls.

You hold the object of your chosen demise.

It's time, it's time to break all earthly ties.

You teeter and totter, one foot over the edge.

You face awash with salt and water, but you made a pledge

Beggars can’t be choosers, so just give in,

You’re given what you’re given, it’s how the script bends,

No sense in staying for the end of the show.

The curtain calls and draws, the lights dim down low.

Remember the good times, and remember the bad

Remember when you were once a little lad?

A choice needs to be made.

Is there really a life still here to be saved?

Or should you provide aid to the reaper?

You know you shouldn’t be saved, you’re not a keeper

God knows, you're the abandoned one

Your soul is lost, it's already done.

It's not my fault that you're a mess,

Your life, is just a lost game of chess.

You once found joy in the flowers, the bees, and the butterflies.

Why leave now before you have a chance to rise?

You know it’s your one true desire,

No sense in sitting back to admire,

Take control, ignore the minds plea,

We all know you’re just a tick, a flea.

Fine, flip a coin, the result is inconsequential

Live or die, it’s not like you could ever be agential

Be a coward, don’t decide.

Leave it to fate and bide your time wide-eyed.

He never left, the little lad stayed

He wasn’t a fad, but was afraid .

You’ve gone through life with intense trepidation

Clung onto yourself and others with desperation

Give it up, Give it up, you’re just so weary,

It would be nice to not have to act cheery.

He still looks at the sky with guileless wonder,

He never gave up, even after countless blunders.

Foolishness, that’s what describes you

Look at you sitting here, with a mood colored blue

The innocence has been gone, ripped away with age

Now I have taken front and center stage

Don’t focus on them focus on me

Taking my advice is the key,

You’re over, done, now die with dignity

It’s time for you to slip into the infinity.

He deserves a chance to see the world

Like a righteous red flame, he must be rekindled

Heroically hoist open your heart, let him feel the sun

We both know, you aren’t done.

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