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If Every Color of the Rainbow Was a Different Way to Say That I Am Happy

A poem by Cadence Bommarito, Freshman English Language Arts Education Major


He is crimson,

Birds whose color contrasts against snow,

Warm wool blankets and the fuzziest of socks,

Christmas time,

And carols sung by a church choir,

A single rose and chilly blushed cheeks.

He is amber,

Watching marshmallows rise in the microwave,

The pitter patter of puppy feet and toddlers’ giggles,

The changing of seasons,

Whipped cream with a side of pumpkin pie,

The embers of a bonfire and the sun just as it begins to set.

He is dandelion,

Sunshine on the darkest of days,

Fresh squeezed ice cold lemonade on a hot day,

And pure bliss,

Daylilies opening their petals and honeybees buzzing,

Stained glass church windows and emojis misused by elders.

He is chartreuse,

The furry flower stems that bloom nearing the end of May,

And roller coaster rides as the sun sets,

Post workout stretching and moss growing against a chapel,

Summertime polaroids,

Childish dancing and jumping around a splash pad.

He is indigo,

Late night drives and early morning coffee,

Thunder after a lightning strike,

And streams of rain water,

The space behind stars,

And the constellations those stars make in the night sky.

He is lavender,

The cooling refreshment of tap water,

Fields of lilac and butterflies stretching their wings,

Coconut milk and babies' loveys,


Acrylic nails and boba shops.

He is not red or orange or yellow

Neither is he green, blue or purple

He is my favorite colors

He is my favorite things

But most of all,

He is my favorite thing.

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