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In Another Life

Updated: May 4

A poem by Alexander Fosnaugh, Sophomore English and Communications Major


In another life,

I'd chase down waves with you

To feel the salt in our hair

I'd crawl through deep dark abysses

To see the light at the end

In another life,

I'd stay up till the wee hours

Watching a new Tv show

I'd clean the house on a Mid Sunday afternoon

Just to pass out on the couch with you

In another life,

I'd bang my head against a desk

Just to come home to you

I'd chop all the veggies up

Because frying them is your favorite part

In another life,

I'd hold you in my arms

Until our last breath

A harmonized ballad

Until our final moments bring its end

In this life,

I ran after you just to hold your hand

I hope you never let go

Because then maybe another life

Will finally become this one

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