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She Saw No Sun

A poem by Cadence Bommarito, freshman English Education major


Content Warning: discussion of suicide

Stories of beautiful girls locked away to dusk in tall towers amused her.

She grew her hair out long like the girls: so lovely, so sure.

The walls of her room she painted purpley sublime

And there hung posters she stared at in the nighttime.

The vanity she prettied up in every morning, she lined with painted art.

All left only to her green eyes that radiated her lost spirit in part.

This girl that no one knew.

Awfully so, after decorating her eyes with black smudge and cursing her body all alone,

She began her daily, dreaded trudge in a lively, upbeat tone.

Enchanting hopeless hallway crushes with smiles big and wide,

Unrelenting sadness sprung which she obliged herself to hide.

Concealing cloaking emotion built on unforgiving pressure.

But exposing gloomy fervor was forbidden in her measure.

Though, she could never fool the being within.

I belong to my mind, repeatedly her head spins

All she wanted was to crawl back up to her tower.

Where her mind could run free, forcing tears to storm and shower.

Where the corners of her room fill with darker shades of black.

Through and through the night begins to crawl back.

She can sit and laugh with the figurines she calls friends.

She can look out her window and pretend.

Daydreaming she’s away in a tower.

Encapsulating stones overrun by stretching vines and blooming wildflowers.

Soft tunes behind her ears.

Slowly wind curtains depression until it disappears.

Echoes of the beautiful girls in her storybooks.

One step from the tower’s top.

One jump.

An echo you cannot stop.

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