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To Be Alone

A piece by Cadence Bommarito, freshman English Education major


Content Warning: discussion of suicide

When she loved to be alone, she would swing on trees snapping all the branches, tugging at the

leaves. Dancing with the wind she sang beautiful songs, trotting on and on. She would run

through the forest, past all the trees. She would run to the ocean’s edge, and right up to the

sea. When she stood on the brink of the cliff, she felt free, away from mischief. She smiled as

the great summer’s breeze blew lightly on her cheeks. As she gazed upon the glistening waters

and silver sand dollars, she was reminded of her late mother and daughters. Her songs fell, left

not to exist and tears whimpered from the ocean’s mist. She sat on the edge of that cliff and

crossed her arms frozen stiff. Her vanilla dress sagged low, all the pink flowers that lined its bell

washed away in the undertow. The curls in her hair fell loose to a ragged bush. Her tears

slowly grew to rivers, and the wind gave her a push. Her face flushed red in her sob, while her

pearly white smile was robbed. Her cheeks flooded by the wet streams, while she noticed

clouds covering the sun’s last beam. Her mood turned gray and bland, yet she sat on the land

and knew she must not let this sadness expand. The girl thought of happy rainy thoughts:

jumping in puddles and picking tomatoes before they rot. She thought about jumping off the cliff

to the sharks and swallowing the mold of the crop. She longed to be like the trees, they were

never alone, they had the leaves of the other trees, the ocean was never alone, it had the

lighthouse watching it go, the cliff was never alone, it had the girl, but the girl always felt alone.

Forever she would talk to the trees, but they would mind their business to the leaves, forever

she would talk to the ocean but it would never listen, forever she would talk to the cliff and it

would listen but it was always wordless. She yearned to be like the trees or the ocean.

Though, forever she loved the cliff, and refused to let it go, forever she would have to love to be


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