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Winter Girls

a poem by Meghan Schrader, Senior English & Communications Major


Don't fall in love with winter girls.

I know that when she talks,

Summer drips from her lips

And it tastes like honey.

I know that when you touch her

She blossoms like spring flowers.

Her body may be kissed by the sun,

Her eyes may look like July constellations

But she holds winter in her heart,

Ice in her veins.

Don't fall in love with winter girls.

No matter how soft her sunshine-smile is

She will always feel like snow held in your bare hand for too long.

She will numb your finger tips.

She will leave a chill in your bones.

The cold wind might make you feel alive at first,

But eventually it will turn you blue and every time you look at her,

You will shiver.

Don't fall in love with winter girls.

I know she sparkles like freshly fallen snow,

But those aren’t diamonds in her skin

And don’t think that you can thaw the ice surrounding her heart.

Don’t try to warm her up with your summer-soul.

Your lightning-bug-lips won’t destroy the frost on hers,

Because winter girls don’t melt.

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