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Your Magnolia

A poem by Jason Branch, sophomore Psychology Major


Dorian, sorrowful and somber

Locrian, peculiar, queer

Unusual in your prime

Yet I am forever captured

Notes drifting

Bobbing with each hit of percussion

Rhythmic, yet unpredictable

I am inspired by your individuality

Minors, majors, flats, sharps,

Composing is second nature to you

And while I may find flowery words

I cannot compare

What if I were to lose my hearing?

A voice cannot penetrate deafness

Vibrations can, so I plead

If I become undone, do not let me forget your melody

I confess my love in tiger lilies

You encourage me with harmonics

I feel brave, so I toss a peony to you

While you unfurl as a lotus may do

Yet as I try to bloom a rose for you

You turn away, your melody abrupt

I do not know the reason,

Fearful, I am to ask

I journey farther than I likely should

Chasing after echos of a song I know too well

I hear it every night

Is it possible your declaration is of the same nature as mine?

I cannot bear the suspense any longer

So in the safety of my quarters

Away from jealous eyes

The rose blooms and flies to you with a message

Do you love me like I have always loved you?

My sunflowers were flirtations

My magnolias a confession

The seedlings took root in my heart long ago

If you were to come to me

Playing the lay that I’ve come to associate with you

The outcome would be auspicious

For you perhaps, though I know not where you stand with me

Return to me so that I may pursue

The heart which I long for

Which no matter whether I have yours

I will grieve its loss all the same

And perhaps if the soil favors you when you come

You may try to nurse a tulip, I will accept that as an answer

And if my ears can manage something by your arrival

I will have a ballad of my own to serenade you with

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