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Blooms Upon Blooms

a poem by Sydney Reffeitt, Sophomore English Education Major


I ventured in seeking flowers,

but I found you instead.

The blooms I sought vitalize my being;

they are the essence of my existence.

Herbs, flowers, branches galore

were strewn upon the forest floor.

Somehow, you were amongst the trees

quietly waiting for love to spring forth.

I held delicate petals

In my smooth Cedar hands,

searching for herbs

amongst the land.

A glimmer amongst the blooms

found its way to my eyes.

There it was…

the most beautiful bloom

I had ever observed.

Never will I find

a bloom unbeholden

with such grace.

A coursing stem the color of basil

wound about and swirled,

with small leaves of mulberry

clinging to the stem.

And thereupon existed

the pinnacle of its existence.

An opalescent luster

gilded over the mauve petals;

the petals joined in harmony

and took the shape

of water lilies on a pond.

Could this be nature’s most beautiful gift?

I reached out

to take this flower for my own,

but Alas!

It was not mine.

It never had been

and never will be.

I felt the branches rustling

on the soft earth,

realizing I had awoken

an even more perfect dryad

than the ones I lived amongst

before my world was uprooted.

I gazed into your eyes

with a curiosity

that would never be resolved.

You never had to ask

to join my ventures,

but from that moment on, you did.

The sun found a new radiance

as we gained more life,

reveling in the end

of a life once lived

in utter isolation and sorrow.

‘Twas the end of an age.

The blooms of the flowers

and the leaves of the herbs

were more plentiful than ever.

No longer did branches fall

and crash to the ground,

crushing what laid beneath it.

The bark of my skin

which was once so frail

became renewed

with your presence,

your words, your voice,

your innate being.

My heart sank

when we heard

the first tree fall

for the first time

by strange yellow shapes

taking on monstrous forms.

The trees fell closer and closer

to the place in which

we dreamed our home.

Tremors shook the Earth

to its very core,

waiting for us to fall.

I gazed in your eyes

one final time,

encapsulating the memories

once shared by our souls.

It seemed as though rainwater

dripped from our eyes.

We were out of the woods

when you turned to me,

waiting for me to see

such a vile structure

beyond the bloom on your head,

beckoning us forward.

The soil beneath us was soft,

but the structure protecting us

was cold, unforgiving, coarse.

We held one another

In the center of this place

so that we might be closer to Earth.

The last tremor

was the hardest and final blow.

We hugged each other close

and whispered to one another

a personal expression of emotion,

one which needs no explanation.

Rubble fell to the ground,

ending our being,

our life once lived together.

The bloom atop your head

Grew thorns in its stem

that would last forevermore.

And of all the life in the forest,

our bloom of love was the only one to last.

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