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End of Clementine

A poem by Jason Branch, sophomore Psychology Major


Clementine’s passing

Her broken body split down

The path of her spine

Tang and sharp bleeding

From the walls, stark against stone

Persisting through fog

Clementine’s essence

Escaping her mortal coil

Deadened eyes staring

Staring at nothing

Light faded hou-rs ago

Life taken too soon

Drip, drip, on the ground

Cobblestone tears, bloody crown

End of an era

Skin rough and peeling

Rotting flesh, white in the seams

Orange underneath

As the sirens come

Flashing red and blue, screaming

Screaming tragedy

Into the vast void

End of Clementine

Life’s greatest cruelty

The brute never caught

A spectre in morning mist

Mourning deathly kiss

Drip, drip, in their hands

The grief’s overwhelming grasp

Cried out, “Clementine!”


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