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Gone Wrong

A poem by Kyle Dixon, senior English Education Major


Growing up and falling down,

I don't know why I didn’t do this sooner,

it hurts more now than it would have the day I met you

because we both know we were doomed from the start,

ripped apart, a part from you stuck with me.

Knowing that nobody else can see the truth,

you scream at me from a pocket screen,

but much like me, you’re afraid of who you really are,

just another person hiding behind an image

of who they could be, should be easy.

I still can’t tell if your pride is what got you this far,

running over my mind, over and over,

you think you have power over me, but one day you will see,

you were always wrong when everything seemed right,

and you’re left with nothing, left out of sight.

Wondering if this was really for the better or worse,

its taught me more than you know, more than you’d hoped,

because watching you try to bring me down lit a fire,

and it burned until nothing was left so that everything could grow,

I haven’t seen you in so long so, so long.

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