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a poem by Muriel Mackie, Freshman Marketing Major


I remember hearing so much more.

I remember what it was like to fall

backwards and down, down, down.

I remember remembering.

Where’s my memory when I need it most?

Where’s my imagination when my fingers twitch.

Where are those things I called precious,

Those things I held exalted,

Those things that were mine?

Please find them, please find them,

Pearls before swine.

How much was my doing,

How much did I break,

How long did I wait until

There was nothing left to save.

Am I still here, a good woman?

A good creature?

Or am I crawling through the dirt


Piecing together a dead girl

With pretty little hands,

Forgetting the life above for squirming things


Squeezing through my fingers

With squelching closeness,

Scads of black mold

Wet and dark and nowhere to sit,

Teeming with lack of life.

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