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A poem by Kyle Dixon, senior English Education Major





not from the

fear this time because

this overwhelming feeling

is more than i ever could have

imagined and i dont want this feeling

to fade because before you know it everything

falls apart again and you are left wondering what you

could have done to stop that haunting feeling from returning

but therein lies the beauty because it is so misunderstood by you and

everyone else around because nobody truly understands emotions since we

all cry when we are happy and cry when we are sad and the teardrops are

all the same they all roll down our cheeks taking the same path each

time whether we are happy or sad and our brain knows if they

are happy or sad tears but to the person unknowing of

why we are crying they all look the same and there

is no rhyme or reason for how that emotion

came to be because they dont feel it and

all they know is what they are told

about why emotions happen

the way they do leaving

us wondering




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