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The Afterthought of an Echo

A poem by Kyle Dixon, senior English Education Major


finally, peace at last

no more troubles of the past

just the obscure glass

telling myself this too shall pass

face pressed against the corner

clawing, hoping to break the border

feeling trapped but never more free

Wondering how all this could be

no one, and nothing looking back at me

i’ve scratched and chipped the edge for you to see

i can’t stand seeing the reflection of this room

suddenly you appear, full of gloom

my mind is pacing

my heart is racing

i know this is my only chance

i brace myself, hoping you take more than a glance

you shut the lights off, light a candle

and I reach for the handle

the flickering awakes my inner demon

and you finally give me a reason

you shake and tremble, this can’t be real

but oh, honey, how you are mine to steal

i break free from the barrier

and now i breathe this very air

you scream and thrash

but all that’s left of you is in the glass

i’ve seen your routine, i know who to be

suddenly this all feels like a dream

it’s real, oh yes it is real

free at last while all you can do is kneel

for i am now you

escaped from the glue

and you are stuck behind the glass

forever trapped in the past

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