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Teddy Bear

A poem by Alex Fosnaugh, freshman Communications and English Major


My name is Ted

I am a bear

I have a small friend

Their skin and hair fair.

I remember their smile

The day we met

I knew we would walk miles

We were a perfect set.

Their imagination was wild

I was a superhero, a doctor

Rocket scientist, someone who filed

I could become anything for her.

I remember her saying,

Promise me you’ll be my soldier,

Forever and always.

I could never say no to her.

Eventually, I saw them less

They walked in the door

Backpack on, hair a mess

I wish I could’ve seen her more.

Sometimes they’d come home,

They say I was their only friend.

We’d sit together, my fur she combed

A steady silence, till we played pretend.

They’d hold me at night,

Trying to block it out.

Block out the noise, focus on the light.

She still heard them shout.

One day I was put on a shelf.

Much different than her bed.

It was hard to entertain myself.

I wish she’d say, Hello Ted!

It was a while.

Till I saw it again.

Their wonderful smile.

They were only 10.

Each time I saw them,

They were different.

The darkness surrounding them,

It grew and grew, they only got smaller.

I want to compliment them,

Tell them they’re doing good.

They’re much older now,

Much too old for me.

Their eyes seem to see me.

They hold me gently,

hands under my arms.

I do my best to tell them,

How much I miss them,

How much they mean to me,

How good they’re doing,

They hug me in silence.

I think my words got through,

They sit on the floor, holding me close.

They bury their face in my fur,

Gripping me tightly.

Steady silence was between us,

only broken by the occasional sob.

It’s been so long since I was needed,

I’ll be here for them till the end.

Forever and always.

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